The Jura massif is endowed with a well preserved environment. We are proud to let you discover it and, in exchange, we ask you not to generate any negative impact on it. This is quite easy to achieve, just remember the following behaviours:

– Waste: it is common sense, but let us remind you: Waste should be disposed of in rubbish bins. Once you’re done eating your picnic or snack, simply put the wrappings and fruit peels back in your bag and wait until you reach the next village to throw them in a waste bin.

– Flowers: flowers are beautiful, but they cease to be so outside of their environment! Once picked, they wither so fast that you won’t have time to enjoy them. Be smart: use your camera and each flower you love will stay with you even after your trip is over.

– Animals: animals are also part of the beauty and diversity of our mountains. Unfortunately, any disturbance is a threat and can even endanger them. Specific regulations apply in several areas to mitigate those negative effects: the National Natural Reserve of the Haute-Chaîne, Quiet Areas and Biotope Protection areas. All these areas are marked on the trails, and we ask you to observe these regulations in order to preserve the biodiversity which is part of the Jura’s rich heritage.

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– Farming: Montbéliarde cows are part of household livestock, and just like you, they like to venture into unknown territories… So remember to close the fences every time you enter or leave a pasture; this will ensure breeders or shepherds don’t have to chase after their animals!