The Grandes Traversées du Jura offer 6 main routes across the mountains of Jura where you can practice 6 different ways of trekking.

Along these suggested routes are villages where you can always rest and enjoy good company.

Hikers will enjoy the GTJ hiking route which guides you along marked and maintained trails in a well-preserved and wild environment. Stop-overs every 20 kilometres are recommended to enjoy the Jura mountains peacefully.

For mountain bikers, there is the GTJ mountain biking route. This route is partly easy, partly demanding, but bikers of all levels can bike it: when the route becomes too difficult, “lighter” options are provided as alternatives.

The GTJ road biking route guides you along scenic countryside roads throughout the Jura mountains. Whether you plan to ride a hundred kilometres in a row or to take it easy, this route will let you discover the richness of Jura’s heritage.

On the GTJ horseback riding route, riders can enjoy the beautiful scenery from horse back. Riding 30 kilometres or so per day will give you enough time for a picnic or a dip in a lake. It is the only route of the Grandes Traversées that goes through the wine country. Specific lodging facilities for riders and their horses have been selected along this route.

Skiers can take the GTJ skiing route, which offers marked and maintained ski trails across the country. Cross-country skiing in the Jura’s rough winter climate for a whole day can be demanding, but dining on a fondue jurassienne or baked Mont d’Or cheese in a guest house is such a rewarding experience!

Snowshoe hikers will enjoy nature to the fullest on the GTJ snowshoeing route: no groomed trails, no hiking trails, just wild nature! If you happen to be the first one to leave your footprints on powdery snow after a snowfall, the only way to get around is to follow the posts that mark the way.