This route, which is accessible by train, covers a distance of 360 km between the city of Montbéliard (Doubs department) in the north and Culoz (Ain department) in the south, cutting through Morteau, Pontarlier, Mouthe, Morez and Bellegarde-sur-Valserine. It also cuts through the Haut-Jura regional nature park, and is offered with 3 alternative sections that let you take a pass or discover the peculiarities of the Jura Mountains.

It is marked in the Ain department (between Mijoux and Culoz), and as of the summer of 2013, in the Jura department, between Foncine-le-Haut and Lajoux, but only in the north-south direction. No marking is provided in the Doubs department.


↓241 m ↑1198 m
Average leg length
30 / 50 Km
Recommended time of year
April → October

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