Cross-country skiing in the Jura in the winter is like touring in Nordic countries. All along the 180 km of the Grande Traversée du Jura’s cross-country skiing route you will enjoy the scents of nature while enjoying this discipline. The story of this GTJ route began in 1978 when it was decided to link the villages of the Jura Mountains together. It is the oldest in the GTJ family. Its course will take you up to the highest reliefs of the massif. From Villers-le-Lac in the Doubs department to Giron in the Ain department, it winds its way through narrow valleys and water gaps. When the snow covers the landscape with its white mantel and softens the relief, the GTJ will take you along its groomed and marked trails around the Jura’s crescent-shaped massif. In the north, the trail crosses the Swiss border from time to time before arriving at Les Fourgs, the highest village in the Doubs department. A short distance away is the top of Mont d’Or, where you will be rewarded with a view of the wild stretches that unfold below. This section of the trail leads to Mouthe and is exclusively reserved for GTJ hikers. Beyond that point, it goes above 1,100 m and remains at this altitude all the way to Giron. The relief is varied and the climate rough.

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The Combe des Cives is the gateway to Chapelle-des-Bois, the Mecca for cross-country skiing in Jura. This area of open stretches, where the only remnants of the Jura’s flora are flowers of frozen-snow and ice, comes first before the Risoux and subsequently the Massacre forest. There are many animals species, but they are more difficult to see than in the summer. You might spot a fox on your way, or more rarely a lynx, but keep in mind that all of them are close by. Nature will give you the best it has to offer and show you its richness, yet it is fragile and deserves respect from those who discover it. In Lajoux, the forest ends and yields to the magnificent territory of the Hautes-Combes from where contemplative skiers will be rewarded by a staggering view over the Jura’s crests. Your experience will be all the more intense if you let the silence be your companion as you discover architectural, natural and geographical specificities. Doing the GTJ cross-country skiing trail means living an unforgettable adventure for a week or more, with stop-overs in lodging facilities we have selected for you. These providers are members of our organisation, and as such they can inform you about the route, the weather and anything else you might need to make your stay a success.


↓906m ↑1400 m
Average leg length
20 / 30 km
Recommended time of year
Late December → late March

Departure → Arrival :