This route is the sixth and last one in our catalogue. It follows an (almost!) straight line along the Jura Mountains, beginning in the north at Crosey-le-Petit in the Doubs department (between Besançon and Montbéliard) and ending at Arbignieu in the Ain department. Riders wishing to explore the trail in its entirety will embark on a 500-kilometre ride, divided into twenty or so legs (with stop-overs in overnight group houses, horse farms, camp sites, etc.), while other riders can ride just a few legs.

The GTJ horseback riding trail shares a number of sections with the “Grand Huit” and “Ain à Cheval” routes, and includes many side trails and escapes. In designing this route, we took into account all the aspects that are specific to leisure horseback riding: lodging facilities adapted to horses, length of route legs, diversity of areas crossed… Thus, the central section of the route is accessible all year round: thanks to this “betrayal” to the Jura massif’s reputation, riders can go down to the lower plateaux and explore Jura’s wine country.

In the departments of the Ain and Jura, the route follows the existing horseback trails, while in the department of the Doubs, it offers a totally new course.


↓234m ↑1361 m
Average leg length
20 / 30 km
Recommended time of year
April → October

Departure → Arrival :