Les Grandes Traversées du Jura

The Grandes traversées du Jura offer 6 different ways to discover the area along 6 different trails, all year round!

GTJ: three letters for a unique experience in the heart of the Jura mountains. Three letters that will guide you along what will be an adventure full of surprises, discoveries and unforgettable moments.
  • Sports fans will find challenges up to their skills.
  • Explorers will discover a new world.
  • Adventurers will enjoy new experiences.

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Our hiking suggestions

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Because we know the Jura Mountains well and because we want to help you find the stay that will best suit you, we have selected several trekking routes. They offer you the choice to plan your trek over a few days or up to a week. Whether you’re hiking, riding a mountain bike, riding a road bike, riding on horseback, skiing or snowshoeing, for the first time or as an expert, there is a route for you. In designing these routes, we have focused on the cultural aspects of our territory and access to railway stations. The only thing you have to do is to download your roadmap and set off for your adventure!

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The GTJ network

Out network is made of professional providers.

The goal of our professional provider network is to make your adventure dreams come true.

Taxi companies, shops and tourist offices are here to meet your needs, while tour operators will offer all-inclusive trekking plans.

No hiking day should end without a revitalising stop-over in a guest house! Whatever you want to do and no matter how much money you have, you will always find lodging that corresponds to your trekking style: hotels, overnight group houses, camp sites, bed & breakfasts, shelters, youth hostels, yurts, tepees, etc.

We have worked with lodging providers concerning the needs of trekking clients. They will welcome you in a friendly way before offering you a meal made of local specialties and a cosy place to spend the night. Do not hesitate to ask them about any other services to make your trip easier, whether it’s about washing and drying or storing your equipment, buying food for a picnic, obtaining information on your route for the next day or getting a local weather forecast.

My GTJ: your trekking partner

Our GTJ-ist sharing network is open to all those who are passionate about trekking and wish to share their GTJ experience.

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    your experience

    with other trekkers
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    fellow trekkers

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