La Great crossing of the Jura on Nordic ski touring allows you to discover the territories in another way. Like the snowshoeing, it offers a feeling of freedom and encounter with a wilder nature since it is practiced outside the marked trails, but it also allows you to enjoy the joys of skiing.

Usually, Nordic ski touring is practiced outside marked circuits, where knowledge of the terrain, orientation, and good technical qualities are essential to ski with pleasure and safety. The GTJ has chosen to allow you to hike in peace by marking out a route so that you can make the most of the beauty of the snowy landscapes of the Jura Mountains.

If ski touring is most often practiced with the sole help of the scales under the skis, it will sometimes be necessary on this route to add skins for better grip on the ground.

When the route crosses open spaces, it is possible for the most seasoned skiers to leave the markings and set off on an adventure. Be careful, however, to keep the milestones in sight so as not to risk getting lost!

Minimum altitudes and max.

↓ 940m ↑ 1m


2 390 m

Average distance per stage

15 km


December → March depending on snow cover